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Storm Damage Repairs
in Corpus Christi, FL

Welcome to our website for storm damage repairs, restoration services, and inspections! First, what level of urgency do you have:

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or no urgency?

To clarify, next are some examples. Select what fits for you, then click on the green image BELOW that section.


Those will either be "wet" or "dry." Let us know which is your case.
WET: (like active leak, flooding, or obvious water damage)
DRY (like windows are shattered or roof is punctured by a tree, etc)


Do you need an inspection fast, urgent cleanup services, and/or assistance with filing Do you need an inspection fast and/or assistance with filing an initial claim with your insurance company or home warranty provider? If so, click the image below.


This includes things that you are comfortable scheduling further out in time, including "second opinions" as well as "prevention measures."

For instance, maybe you already filed an insurance claim, but now you value input from an independent expert on how to be sure that the insurance adjuster is approving everything you deserve (which is often not the case). Maybe you already have an estimate for storm damage repairs in Corpus Christi, but you are not as confident in that contractor as you would like to be. Or, maybe you have even already hired someone to start a repair or restoration service (in a rush), but you would value working with a calm, concise professional that you are clear is being honest with you. We can help bring you the relief you desire!

As for preventive measures, that includes replacement of standard windows and doors with higher-quality impact windows & storm doors. To replace your windows and doors may qualify you for BIG discounts to your monthly insurance premium (PLUS you might even be in an area where grant money or other special funding is available).

Our storm damage contractors in Corpus Christi will provide you a wide range of services.

Typically, the first step is to perform a thorough inspection to precisely assess the extent of your storm damage. That inspection can cover the entire exterior including the roof, plus the interior if relevant. Whether the damage is from roof leaks, flood damage, falling trees, or flying debris launched by high winds, they will address everything.

Next, they will offer insights on how to file your insurance claim (or how to refile it for better results). After that, they will provide you repair estimates, essential safety interventions, emergency roof repairs or tarping, safe removal of damaged material, plus full restoration or replacement of damaged exteriors and interiors.

Also, ask them about what they recommend for preventing future storm damage (which typically will greatly reduce the monthly cost of your property insurance). For storm damage prevention, they regularly install high-quality "impact glass" storm windows, hurricane-resistant doors, plus storm shutters and even protective awnings.

"What do I need to know about storm damage repairs that I don't know yet?"

First, when homeowners in Corpus Christi contact us, it is typically shortly after a serious storm (like Hurricane Irma in 2017). So, they are FAR more stressed than usual, probably behind on sleep, and sometimes still in shock. We know that. So, we will be your ally in handling this unfamiliar challenge.

Further, your insurance company also knows how vulnerable you may be. However, they actually are not your ally. They are attempting to control (reduce) costs. That means their interests are in permanent, direct conflict with yours.

"Do insurance companies ever save money by trying to cheat their clients?"

If you were to review even a handful of court cases lost by insurance companies (or many more that they "settled out of court"), you might agree that "cheating does happen." Especially when there is a big storm in Corpus Christi that causes extensive damage (or a few in a row), insurance companies can suddenly face massive financial costs, right? So, predictably, they have lawyers (and lots of other staff) who are trained to find ways to reduce those costs!

What does that mean to you? Briefly, that is not good for you - not at all.

Specifically, that means that they will routinely invest time and money in to giving you less than you are owed. Further, they often will proceed as slowly as possible "whenever possible" (so that they can spread out their costs long enough to get in more monthly premium payments to cover their surge in outgoing payments, again, especially after major storms).

To be blunt, it's not a great situation. So, you really NEED an ally who has decades of experience with holding insurance companies accountable. Not only do you need a storm damage specialist in Corpus Christi who is able to document WHY your full claim should be approved, but someone who is also WILLING (yes, due to a financial interest in your success) to tactfully press the relevant issues until they get your full claim approved (and in a reasonable period of time).

"Is it better to have a wise ally help me present my insurance claim effectively... or to get denied & then hire a lawyer?"

We invite you to go with the first option. Our experienced contractors in Corpus Christi will be your allies. So, you can relax now!

Of course, some insurance companies may be better or worse than others, but they all know their industry MUCH better than you ever will, right? In particular, they know that most property owners do not really understand exactly what the insurance company is legally required to do. If you are not an expert builder or architectural engineer, then you not only don't understand all the issues in the CONTRACT (the insurance policy), but you also don't understand the realities of the architectural and structural engineering issues. You are probably "totally unfamiliar with ALL of it."

So, the insurance companies are VERY clear on that. As a result, they "might not always" do things that they know they will sometimes get fined for not doing.

Why is that? Here is the simple reality of the business of insuring storm damage.

As long as cheating saves the insurance companies more money than it costs them, you can expect them to keep it up.

As long as the OVERALL costs of fines and court-ordered judgments is lower than the amount they save by "cutting corners," the companies benefit by systematically "cheating" their clients. The employees of the insurance companies are also given the RESPONSIBILITY by their shareholders to "aggressively advance the financial interests of the people who own the insurance company" (even when those interests fundamentally conflict with the interests of the clients of the insurance company).

They believe (very accurately) that, after a major disaster in particular, most homeowners will never be able to afford to hire a lawyer to hold the insurance provider to their full contractual obligations. So, many routinely "cut corners."

New laws usually don't change the situation either (because the cost of rigorously obeying the law is usually much higher than "waiting to get sued / fined"). Obviously, spending millions upon millions of dollars for lobbying and campaign donations probably doesn't hurt their interests either.

Have you ever heard of "class action" lawsuits?

The following excerpt is from a law firm's website. I will let you guess whether they are involved in defending insurance companies or in suing them for corrupt practices. Note again that the statements below in italics are theirs (although we are not expressing any disagreement).

"Geico uses software that reduces or denies claims without any reasonable basis or justification.... it's just random! Allstate was essentially kicked out of the state of Florida for refusing to comply with state investigators. Liberty Mutual is reported by the American Association for Justice as having pizza parties for the claims handlers who deny the most claims.

And, of course, Progressive insurance recently sent one of their lawyers to fight for the person who caused the death of a Progressive policy holder. (Yes, you read that right. The Progressive lawyers worked AGAINST the client. Why? To reduce claims of course.)"

That last detail might surprise you (although it really shouldn't). Be clear that your insurance company has a fundamental conflict of interest with you.

So, if anyone is going to cost them a lot of money, that party is their opponent (as in enemy). They may routinely send their legal staff to assist any people who are trying to shift liability to you (away from them). By the way, that is actually totally legal for them to do. It is just the reality of the insurance business.

"So, which storm damage contractor in Corpus Christi is best for me?"

When you contact a contractor through this site, you will have the comfort of knowing that you have a storm damage expert at your service. Our experts will help you through every step of the process.

Typically, that will begin with the initial phone consultation (plus you might email or text us a few pictures). Then, after that will be an in-person inspection to document the condition of your residential or commercial property. (In contrast to our experts, the average general contractor will not know what to look for.)

After inspecting your property, the inspector will also guide you in regard to your insurance claim so that you can maximize the speed and success of your claim. (Again, a typical general contractor will not be familiar with these details.)

Next, depending on the details of your situation, repairs and safety interventions will often be provided to you at the very first in-person meeting. If approvals (or perhaps special safety equipment) will be needed first, then all of that will be arranged by your repair supervisor.

Our storm damage repair pros in Corpus Christi have decades of technical expertise (as well as empathy for your circumstances).

The process of dealing with the paperwork and the insurance adjusters in Corpus Christi can be confusing and stressful for many homeowners. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else to handle all of that for you?

Still have questions? Our Corpus Christi storm damage specialists will help you to quickly get your questions answered, plus let you know what they recommend as essential (as well as what they would recommend as ideal, but not so essential.)

Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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